Egg fry and yellow rice

If you often love to eat spicy stuff, south indian food is definitely the one..and ever wonder how they make these yellow colored spiced rice in indian restaurants…. yeah? i have a quick recipe.  The yellow colored flavored rice we’re talking about is called ‘lemon rice’ especially made in south-india famous to last through some hot temperatures due the sourness in lemon.

I love my lemon rice either with egg fry or potato fry, but today its time to use up the left over eggs.

To make this spicy egg fry, chop finely 1 white onion + 1/2 red bell pepper. In a wide pan, add 2 tbps of oil, fry the onion and bell pepper for 3 minutes, add the eggs + salt + black pepper and scramble the eggs into 1″ inch pieces for 5 mins approximately to get the eggs fully cooked.

Lemon rice is pretty quick thing… if you have a day old rice that is good, if not, make some fresh white rice with 1:2 rice:water ratio, which will yield not too sticky rice. Let it cool on a plate for 10 minutes.

Now to prepare for the rice, split about 4 red chillies + mustard + jeera seeds + 1 tsp of pepper corns, + 1/5 cup of lemon juice.

In a wide mouthed pan, add the mustard and jeera seeds to the 2 tbps of heated oil, once the mustard seeds splutter, split and add the red chillies and let it brown for 10 secs, now add the lemon juice + 1/4 tsp of turmeric powder, switch off the heat and add the lemon juice + salt to taste and mix in the cooked rice into the lemon juice mixture.


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