Recently I bought these  4 packs of 10 grain cereal, with an honest attempt to incorporate healthy grains in my diet to keep me filled longer in the day.. but after I had them as cereal for a couple of days, and I kinda tend to loose interest in them, not sure why.  Hence I started to find ways to incorporate these grains in other things I cook like for eg., bread.. which turned out not too bad, and the recipe that I have posted here.

What else I can do with multi-grain,  I can make some multi-grain english muffins, add a few in granola… etc…  And this morning when I was just getting ready to make my usual waffles, I got this idea to cook some multi-grain cereal and add them to the waffle mix…. The result was a failure, looks like the ratio of grain cereal: flour was not exactly right, and the waffle-maker made some not so good waffles, that stuck to both the sides and it just tore apart into two.  I decided as this is my first attempt, and waffle iron is too much of a complicated  for it… hence decided make them into pancakes… the result was  j u s t   d e l i c i o u s…

For now, lets stick to the original measurements intended for waffles, but resulted in pancakes 🙂

Prep it:

1) Cook in a microwave about 1/2 cup of 10-grain cereal with 1 cup of water for 4 minutes approximately, stirring for every one minute, for a even cooking.
2) Your usual pan cake mix about 1.5 cups ( I used Aunt Jemina’s Whole wheat pancake mix)
3) 2 eggs
4) 2 tbsp of salt
Mix items 1 -4  in a wide bowl, the mixture will be thick cos of the grain cereal, but it should still pourable.

Make it:

1) Heat up a wide griddle, oiled/ buttered mildly, I just oiled for the first batch, and not for the rest.
Pour about 1 laddle of pancake mix, dont spread.
2) Cover and let it cook in medium heat for about 1 minute, flip them over, and let it cook for 30 secs.
3) Remove let it cool in a wide platter.

My pan could hold 3 at a time. Try not to pour them too closely, they will run a little and may touch the sides, but its okay.. you can separate them later.

Enjoy with butter and syrup and why not freeze a few for later….