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Beet Saute

Only in my recent days that I started using up the Beetroot as soon as I buy. The usual phenomena for the beetroot is to sit still in my fridge amidst the long power-cuts we have, and keep loosing all its water content, and finally after a week or so, I would notice the dry-beet, and make a poriyal of the same. But after learning this quick recipe, my beetroots are used up in a day or two.

im thinking of...

1) 2 medium sized beetroots – skin-peeled & grated (use the bigger hole to grate them)
2) 2-3 medium green chillies split, and 1/2 onion
3) A few curry leaves, oil, mustard, ural dhal for seasoning

make it…

* Heat 1 tsp of oil in a wide pan, and add seasonings followed by green chillies and onions, saute them for a min, and add the grated beets.

* Add required salt and sprinkle abt 1/4 cup of water on them, mix well and keep it closed for 7-10 mins in simmer flame until the beets are cooked and the water is evaporated.

* I like my saute half-cooked to enjoy the crunchiness of it. Serve it with Rice and Dal as a nutritious side-dish.


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